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  • Lithium batteries for medical devices
  • Lithium batteries for medical devices
  • Lithium batteries for medical devices
  • Lithium batteries for medical devices
  • Lithium batteries for medical devices
Lithium batteries for medical devicesLithium batteries for medical devicesLithium batteries for medical devicesLithium batteries for medical devicesLithium batteries for medical devices

Lithium batteries for medical devices

  • Advantages of Eadersay power lithium battery:
  • The quality is guaranteed and you can use it safely
  • The price is reasonable and the purchase is satisfactory
  • The supply is stable and guaranteed after - sales
  • Product description: Eadersay power lithium batteries are widely used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), electric power equipment products, IT products, instruments and meters, IC card terminal, medical equipment, security
Zhuhai Eadersay Technology Co., Ltd. is a battery manufacturer, producing a variety of lithium batteries, cylindrical lithium batteries, nickel hydrogen and other two batteries. Our main products are conventional polymer lithium battery, high energy density lithium battery, high rate lithium battery, high temperature lithium battery, low temperature lithium battery, ultra-thin lithium. Battery and multi - and multi - string lithium battery pack.
At the same time, it also provides mature design scheme for the mature unmanned aerial vehicle model battery, medical equipment battery, auto emergency start power, mobile power supply, UPS backup power supply, electric power equipment battery and so on.
Product features:
1. light weight and small volume
The total weight and volume are 1/3 of the same specification for lead-acid batteries, which can be easily moved by the elderly, women or children.
2. low temperature resistance
When the ordinary lead-acid battery is below 0 C, the electric quantity is less than 50%. The lithium ion battery can still release more than 90% of the electric quantity at -20 C, and can still release more than 80% of the electric quantity at -40 C.
3. life long
The charge discharge number of lithium ion batteries in practical applications is more than 1000 times, and the capacity of the battery is not less than 80% of the original capacity, while the capacity of the lead-acid battery is only 60% after charging and discharging 200 times.
4. green environmental protection
Lithium ion batteries have not been leaked, pollution-free and no heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. It has solved the problem of pollution in the whole process of production and use. It is a globally recognized green environmental energy.
Product advantages:
1, OEM batch production, the manufacturing process is mature;
2, solid factory supply, quality assurance, after-sales service perfect;
3, battery assembly mode can be customized according to customer requirements, customize any size! Such as voltage, capacity, packaging color, mating plug type, lead wire length and so on;
4, we can provide an integrated power solution source according to customer requirements.
(1) please charge the charger with a special lithium battery charger.
(2) please do not replace the positive and negative.
(3) there are safety devices in the battery pack. To ensure safety, do not dissect or change the structure of the battery.
(4) the direct connection between positive and negative short circuits with metal is prohibited.
(5) it is strictly forbidden to immerse the battery in the water;
(6) it is strictly prohibited to drop, impact, squeeze and puncture batteries.
(7) if the battery pack is not used for 3 months, please fill the battery pack. When stored, it should be placed in a cool and dry environment.


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