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  • NJM4560M-TE1


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The NJM4560 integrated circuit is a high-gain, wide

bandwidth, dual operational amplifier capable of driving 20V

peak-to-peak into 400Ω loads. The NJM4560 combines

many of the features of the NJM4558 as well as providing the

capability of wider bandwidth, and higher slew rate make the

NJM4560 ideal for active filters, data and telecommunications,

and many instrumentation applications. The availability of the

NJM4560 in the surface mounted micro-package allows the

NJM4560 to be used in critical applications requiring very high

packing densities.

Manufacturer:     NJR

RoHS:       Yes

Minimum CMRR:      70 dB

Power Supply Type:  Dual

Rail to Rail:   No

Typical Single Supply Voltage:       N/R

Typical Slew Rate:     4@±15V V/us

Family:  NJM4560

Maximum Supply Current:      5.7@±15V mA

Minimum Dual Supply Voltage:      ±4 V

Supplier_Package:    DMP

Packaging:   Tape and Reel

Typical Dual Supply Voltage:   ±5,±9,±12,±15 V

Minimum PSRR:       N/A

Pin_Count:   8

Maximum Single Supply Voltage:  N/R

Maximum Dual Supply Voltage:     ±18 V

Mounting:     Surface Mount

Minimum Single Supply Voltage:    N/R

Technology:  Bipolar

Operating Temperature:    -40 to 85 °C

Dimension:   5 x 5 x 1.6mm


■ Operating voltage (±4V~±18V)

■ Wide Gain Bandwidth Product (10MHz typ.)

■ Slew Rate (4V/μs typ.)

■ Package Outline  DIP8, DMP8, SIP8

■ Bipolar Technology


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