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Electronic components

  • ICL7106CPL


  • Advantages of Eadersay electronic components procurement platform:
  • The quality is guaranteed and you can use it safely
  • The price is reasonable and the purchase is satisfactory
  • The supply is stable and guaranteed after - sales
  • Product description: Zhuhai Eadersay electronic one-stop sourcing platform, has a strong service team, stable supply channels, supply/wholesale whole series of electronic products, home furnishings, welcome cooperation, i


• Guaranteed Zero Reading for 0V Input on All Scales

• True Polarity at Zero for Precise Null Detection

• 1pA Typical Input Current

• True Differential Input and Reference, Direct Display Drive

- LCD ICL7106, LED lCL7107

• Low Noise - Less Than 15µVP-P

• On Chip Clock and Reference

• Low Power Dissipation - Typically Less Than 10mW

• No Additional Active Circuits Required

• Enhanced Display Stability

• Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)



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