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Single chip microcomputer

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ESD Suppressors


ESD Suppressor TVS 6.1V Automotive 6-Pin SOT-23 T/R

This tvs ESDA6V1SC6 ESD protection device from STMicroelectronics, will prevent from a costly fix if your system is to be hit with electrostatic discharge. This ESD diode has a maximum ESD protection device voltage of 25@Air Gap/25@Contact Disc kV. This ESD diode has a minimum operating temperature of -40 °C and a maximum of 125 °C. Tape and reel packaging will encase this product during shipment, in order to ensure safe delivery and enable quick mounting of components. Its capacitance value is 190(Typ) pF. It is made in a quad common anode configuration.


EU RoHS Compliant

Configuration Quad Common Anode

Type TVS

Direction Type Uni-Directional

Maximum Working Voltage (V) 6.1

Maximum ESD Protection Voltage (kV) 25@Air Gap/25@Contact Disc

Maximum Leakage Current (uA) 20

Capacitance Value (pF) 190(Typ)

Number of Elements per Chip 4

Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -40

Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 125

Packaging Tape and Reel

Mounting Surface Mount

Package Height (mm) 1.3(Max)

Package Length (mm) 3.05(Max)

Package Width (mm) 1.75(Max)

PCB changed 6

Standard Package Name SOT-23

Supplier Package SOT-23

Pin Count 6

Lead Shape Gull-wing


■ 4 unidirectional Transil Functions

■ Low leakage current: IR max. < 20 µA at VRM

■ 400 W peak pulse power (8/20 µs)


■ High ESD protection level: up to 25 kV

■ High integration

■ Suitable for high density boards

Complies with the following standards:

■ IEC 61000-4-2 level 4:

– 15 kV (air discharge)

– 8 kV (contact discharge)

■ MIL STD 883E- Method 3015-7: class3B

– human body model


Where transient overvoltage protection in ESD

sensitive equipment is required, such as :

■ Computers

■ Printers

■ Communication systems

■ Cellular phone handsets and accessories

■ Other telephone set

■ Set top boxes



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