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The EM4095 (previously named P4095) chip is a CMOS

integrated transceiver circuit intended for use in an RFID

basestation to perform the following functions:

- antenna driving with carrier frequency

- AM modulation of the field for writable transponder

- AM demodulation of the antenna signal modulation

induced by the transponder

communicate with a microprocessor via simple interface.

Ordering Information

Please make sure to give the complete part number when ordering.

The EM4095 is available in the following package:

Part Number Package Delivery


EM4095HMSO16A SOIC 16 package stick


• Integrated PLL system to achieve self adaptive

carrier frequency to antenna resonant frequency

• No external quartz required

• 100 to 150 kHz carrier frequency range

• Direct antenna driving using bridge drivers

• Data transmission by OOK (100% Amplitude

Modulation) using bridge driver

• Data transmission by Amplitude Modulation with

externally adjustable modulation index using single

ended driver

• Multiple transponder protocol compatibility

(Ex: EM400X, EM4050, EM4150, EM4070, EM4170,


• Sleep mode 1µA

• USB compatible power supply range

• 40 to +85°C temperature range

• Small outline plastic package SO16


• Car immobiliser

• Hand held reader

• Low cost reader



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