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Diode array

  • 1N4749A


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Fairchild Semiconductor




Diode Zener Single 24V 5% 1W 2-Pin DO-41 Bulk

This 1N4749A zener diode from Fairchild Semiconductor is perfect for your circuit requiring a diode to operate in the reverse-breakdown region. Its maximum leakage current is 5 μA. Its test current is 10.5 mA. Its maximum power dissipation is 1000 mW. This product comes packaged in bulk, so the parts will be stored loosely. This zener device has a nominal voltage of 24 V and a voltage tolerance of 5%. This zener diode has a minimum operating temperature of -65 °C and a maximum of 200 °C. It is made in a single configuration.


EU RoHS Compliant

Configuration Single

Test Current (mA) 10.5

Nominal Zener Voltage (V) 24

Maximum Zener Impedance (Ohm) 25

Zener Voltage Tolerance 5%

Maximum Reverse Leakage Current (uA) 5

Maximum Power Dissipation (mW) 1000

Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -65

Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 200

Packaging Bulk

Package Diameter (mm) 2.72(Max)

Mounting Through Hole

Package Length (mm) 5.21(Max)

PCB changed 2

Standard Package Name DO-204-AL

Supplier Package DO-41

Pin Count 2

Lead Shape Through Hole


• Low profile package

• Built-in strain relief

• Low inductance

• High temperature soldering : 260°C /10 seconds at terminals

• Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability

Classification 94V-O

• In compliance with EU RoHS 2002/95/EC directives

Mechanical Data

• Case: Molded plastic DO-41

• Epoxy:UL 94V-O rate flame retardant

• Terminals: Axial leads, solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026


• Polarity: Color band denotes positive end

• Mounting position:Any

• Weight: 0.012 ounce, 0.3 gram

• Packing information

B - 1K per Bulk box

T/R - 5K per 13" paper Reel

T/B - 2.5K per horiz. tape & Ammo box



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